There’s something magical about Terrariums, a miniature perfectly formed botanical world at your fingertips…

As an only child, I was fascinated with dinosaurs, magic, and gardening and I’d often spend hours lost in my own world, at the bottom of the garden, head to toe in mud creating an incredible world for my dinosaurs to explore. Fast forward a few decades and I’ve got a few new fascinations but my imagination still runs wild.

For years I’ve wanted to create a small Terrarium business that would delight a new generation of children or re-spark the imagination of adults and so Terrorium was born taking these self-sustainable environments and adding in memorable and sometimes cheeky scenarios to give these mini gardens under glass something more than meets the eye.

Our Customers Photos

White Irises
Ogawa Kazumasa

Cherry Blossom
Ogawa Kazumasa

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