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For your friend or partner who loves to get away from you for 6 hours hitting tiny balls into tiny holes.

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This is a great centrepiece for any office desk or a prime position in the front room to raise the eyebrows of your neighbours.
The simple and elegant glass egg shell allows for simple access to water or to let your terrarium breathe as well as the perfect housing for your plants.

All living plants are lovingly hand picked from our collection and packaged/planted just for you.
The terrarium kit contains everything you need to easily assemble this beautiful and unique living product.


Count: 1
Opening: Yes
Colour: Clear glass
Glass: Tempered
Size: 8.5 inches in height, 5 inches in width and a 16 inches circumference.
Please note: Gently applying a small piece of adhesive to the shells stop the glass from being knocked (3x included)

Please Note that all of my terrariums and other products are entirely HANDMADE and MADE TO ORDER. My processing time is 1 week.


Once you have completed your open terrarium, it will need regular watering to keep the plants and moss moist. For moss terrariums, they need a light water once a week. For plant-heavy terrariums, they need to be watered twice a week. Use a spray gun or a terrarium water bottle that has a pointy nozzle to help guide the water.

Make sure your terrarium is not in direct sunlight to avoid the plants over heating and drying out. Check out my plant care article here.


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