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Create and personalise your own ecosystem with our collection of DIY terrarium kits

Create your very own terrarium with our specialised sets, each set is carefully packaged and includes all necessary items to create your unique little world. Choose from our collection or give it a personalised twist by creating that bespoke scene. 

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– Only sustainable and eco-friendly products and packaging are used.
All elements included are completely natural.

Terrariums are handmade in the UK, wrapped with love and care

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Make it personal

Nature, is something we all love and enjoy and some of our most memorable moments are spent outdoors, so why not encapsulate that special moment in time.

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From proposals and hole in ones to zombies and nudists, we have a huge range of figures to create your unique moment.

Each terrarium is lovingly and carefully put together by hand using the freshest and sustainably sourced ingredients

The word terrarium was first used in the late 1800s, and it came from the word aquarium — substituting terre (meaning “land”) for aqua (meaning “water”).

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We plant a tree for every order made on our website

– Working with the THG More:Trees Initiative

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