What plants work best in terrariums?

Even though terrariums are small they are ideal for selected plants that love warmth and humidity. Ideally these will be plants on the small size that grow slowly.
So to keep your terrarium in optimum condition we’ve listed some examples of good varieties below.


Mosses are perfect for the unique eco-system of an enclosed terrarium because they thrive in moist, low-light conditions where the air is continuously humid. 


Ferns are perfectly suited to life in closed terrariums. They love the consistent heat and humidity that sealed terrarium environments provide


Leafage isn’t exactly a category but I’ve added it as with terrariums it’s less about the flowers a plant produces and more about the beautiful leaves that will decorate it throughout the years.

I’ve listed some plants with wonderful leafage below:


These wonderful climbers grow up or down, they even grow horizontally which make them perfect for a terrarium as they can cover any part of your terrarium.

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