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What goes into our Terrariums?

You can make a basic terrarium in less than an hour with very few inexpensive materials.
Glass containers, small jars, and even goldfish bowls, make beautiful terrariums and miniature terrarium plants may only cost a couple of dollars each. Terrariums also make wonderful and impressive gifts, even for people who consider themselves plant-challenged.

Our Ingredients

  • Glass Egg Vessel – I adore these, I chose to use this style of vessel as I felt it was a uniquely styled container, easy to open so you can water, prune or change it up and totally transparent so you can enjoy your mini-garden in 360 degrees.
  • Small Stones or Pebbles – I use a variety of small stones or pebbles to create the base of my terrariums. I have found the darker stones work best and subtly merge into the dark soil. The small pebbles act as water drainage for the plants’ roots to ensure that excess water doesn’t stay in the soil and cause rot.
  • Activated Charcoal – I use a thin layer of activated charcoal which keeps the water fresh and helps to fight off any bacterial growth in the terrarium.
  • Potting Soil – I use a purposely created potting soil which acts as a key layer for the terrarium.
    If you request a cacti or succulent terrarium then I have a selection of special mixes available.
  • Sand – I sometimes use a thin layer of sand between the activated charcoal and the potting soil, this again helps with drainage of the terrarium.
  • Moss– I have a variety of Sphagnum moss’s that I use as a topping for my terrariums, I have a variety of colours, if you’d like a mix or to choose your colour then just contact me in advance
  • Plants – This is my favourite bit choosing the right and appropriate plants that work well with the container. I aim to use pint-sized plants that are slow growing and are vibrant in colour.
    If you have any requests just get in touch!
    See my guide to What Plants? Here
  • Figures – To bring a quirky side to your terrarium I create small scenes using bespoke modal railway figures.
  • Decoration – I also on occasion use old pieces of bark, or sustainably sourced forest debris to create a realistic terrarium scene.
  • Small Gardening Tools – I use some specially made small tools to help create and situate all of the items in your terrarium. You can purchase your own set here

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